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Cybersecurity for Water Security in the Era of COVID-19

Today, water systems are faced with new stressors related to the universal pandemic of COVID-19. Similarly, the water sector has been affected worldwide. Presently, a vast majority of administrative, managerial, and operational duties in the water sector are performed by staff in their residence, thus within vulnerable environments in terms of cybersecurity. This international webinar aims to bring together a selected group of professionals that will present the challenges to cybersecurity brought by the particular scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic to the water systems and water-related sectors. The speakers will present challenges and discuss existing tools and strategies in the water sector to enhance cybersecurity in utilities, hydropower complexes, data banks and extreme events prediction facilities. The participants will also address policy issues related to water security and socio-economic divides exacerbated by COVID-19.


Fecha del evento: 
Miércoles, Octubre 21, 2020