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EOTEC DevNet Regional Meetings - September 21, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Please join us at the upcoming set of regional exchanges of the Earth Observation Training, Education, and Capacity Development Network (EOTEC DevNet) on September 21, 2021. 

Building on the inaugural regional meetings in June that focused on capacity development around floods, these regional EOTEC DevNet meetings will expand the conversation to how experts in each region are working to strengthen capacity building around drought at regional levels. Each regional meeting will discuss the tools, capacity development resources, and gaps and needs related to floods and drought for their region with the goal of greater coordination, communication, and opportunities for collaboration.


Meeting Objectives:

·         Learn about EOTEC DevNet’s goals and organization, including the Regional Communities of Practice
·         Discuss and share data, tools, and training resources related to drought
·         Discuss regional gaps and needs for drought monitoring and management
·         Discuss capacity development needs for the region
·         Learn how your organization can stay engaged with the network

We welcome your contributions to and feedback on EOTEC DevNet’s draft Droughts Tracker prior to the meeting, as well! Please feel free to add to each tab of the tracker on behalf of your organization and distribute to others who may be able to contribute.

Who Should Attend

·         Anyone interested in capacity development and the work of EOTEC DevNet
·         Anyone with technical experience related to Earth Observations for drought management, forecasting and response, especially those with an understanding of regional needs

Meeting Times by Region (attend one or multiple)

·         Asia/Oceania: 8am EDT / 12pm UTC
·         Europe: 9:30am EDT / 1:30pm UTC
·         Africa: 11am EDT / 3pm UTC
·         Americas: 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC

Meeting Files

·         EOTEC DevNet Overview
·         Drought Data and Tools Matrix

We also encourage you to please forward this email and attached flyer to your colleagues who might be interested in joining.

Thank you,
Yasha Moz
EOTEC DevNet Secretariat


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